Update v1.5 :

- Supports blender 4.
- Supports PBR painting ( metalness workflow).
- Baking.
- Solo button to view each channel alone without shading.
- Mix erase toggle brush.
- Supports Mapping ( scale, rotate, translate).
- Supports Masking.
- Spreadsheet editing.
- Save image button which pack and activate 'fake user'.
- Automated image colorspace.
- New image button with default values for each channel.
- Import images button.
We all know the power of shading nodes in Blender, but sometimes artists just want to concentrate on painting, our main goal is to create a robust tool for hand painting textures in blender that will take care of node connections for you, and will give you more control over your painting "like layers, blending modes , opacity ... etc". 

Free for ever: 
PSD-Layers is Free and will always be , hope we could deliver a great addon for this great community , so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any issues or ideas ... remember this is just the beginning , PSD-Layers will get more updates. 

Current features: 
- Paint your textures in layers like photoshop , krita ... etc. 
- Have control over blending modes , opacity , visibility and more. 
- PSD-Layers is light and fast since it only uses standard blender shader nodes. 
- No need to create and edit complicated shader nodes .. PSD-Layers creates them for you. 
- Each layer have Pack icon which turns into red color when the image needs to be saved "so you don't forget" ... save it by clicking the same icon.
- Palettes section has " Paste Values" icon .. which paste any hex colors palette from any website in any form " xaml , text , css ... etc " with just one click ! You can easily switch the shader between emissive and principled BSDF .. and choose whether to make it transparent or not with one click. 

Next update: 
As you guessed it from the name , PSD-Layers soon will be able to export and import psd files .. including layers , blending modes , opacity and visibility, so you can edit your textures in photoshop , krita or gimp. 

With PSD-Layers, you can unleash your creativity and make stunning hand painted textures for your 3D projects, whether you are a beginner or a professional, PSD-Layers will make your workflow easier and faster. 

Thank you all. 
About us
A small team with years of experience in game dev.
We create Addons for blender and game assets.
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